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Jan 27

RE: new tumblr terms

Is my blog going to be deleted because I posted an illustration from an old book which depicts cow skin being mechanically plied as part of the leather-making process?

Jan 23

There was a tiny Latin dictionary.
In what piece of furniture was it kept?
      A: the ********* *****

      Where is it now?          
               A: scions of Atlantis / bugbears of the Moon /
               warlords of Mars / whoever one may find on the corner

Jan 16

Jan 14


Since I have the time, I figure I’ll just bury my face in this vat of sewer juice, just in case I can find something I like, bobbing for [something]; it’d be worth it, to face-dive in a pool of offal and spurn for the prospect of finding one little thing I like.

Jan 10

Jan 9

Thanks, Mom

We all find our black Paris number in Paris.

Like so many poets before me.

Keep all limbs inside the car.

The loop is coming up.

We approach.

Jan 8

Who would listen to a call from a flip-phone?

I too have a flip-phone.
I don’t hate.
Even if I did, who would listen?

Jan 7

Dec 29

Yes, perhaps it is only a veneer
—some things look best when shining.

Dec 26
by Hans Christian Anderson Andersen

by Hans Christian Anderson Andersen

Dec 20

Joyce & Beckett: what a couple of dirty dogs.
There’s more to it. More to it than that.
There’s more to everything than anything.

I’m gonna write about it.

Dec 12

Cancer of the Sexes

 Penis—>Matter&Energy | as | Vagina—>Dark Matter&Energy

This means the universe is predominately feminine.
(according to the latest from NASA)

Men cannot win (not that I’m trying) for we are enclosed.

If we ever feel free, it is but an illusion due to our miniscule stature in the big scheme of things (which is basically a female reproductive system).

The theory of alternate universes is now no more than a dating service or bordello. “Fish in the sea?” More like “The fish are the sea.”

Puny masculine materials cannot compete with the universal darkness of femininity (not that I’m trying).

Cancer is okay, but why isn’t there a plankton constellation?
Oh, but there is: it is called “mankind”.

Dec 7

Not a Euphemism

I broke a tooth last night: my right top wisdom. They came in years ago, but I never had them out for various reasons, mainly because they came in straight and weren’t pushing the real teeth out of their sockets. And because I simply didn’t take very good care of myself. I’ve since become a more conscientious eater, but I’m still a bit of a slacker when it comes to flossing. Which may be because it’s harder to floss when your wisdom teeth have slightly jammed all the others closer together. I don’t recall how hard it was to floss before the wisdom teeth because I was a slacker then as well. Anyway, I was eating an apple: an Envy variety. Wisdom teeth are dead, but you can still feel them break. At first you might think it’s a seed or shell, then you realize there’s no way you ate a seed or shell and you know it was your tooth, believe it or not. I definitely believed it, but I can imagine someone experiencing a moment or two of disbelief in this situation. I feel I handled the rupture fairly well. I pretty much knew this was coming, and have known for some time, and then it happened: last night, while eating a designer apple, my maxillary fourth molar broke in half. One half is in the dumpster where I work, then other still inhabits my mouth. I bought some new mouthwash, because it’s time to step up my game. I went ahead and got the alcohol-free stuff designed for old people, because given my track record, I figure I’m probably working with the dental equivalent of a fifty-to-sixty-year-old person.

The point is: not every guy you see buying a big bottle of blue mouthwash at 9:30 pm is an alcoholic.

Dec 4
Death Urinating by Max Klinger(a.k.a. best painting in a while)

Death Urinating by Max Klinger
(a.k.a. best painting in a while)

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